Gagen MacDonald

During a DePaul University Public Relations Agency Management course I had the opportunity to connect with and throughly study the operations of a Chicago firm. Due to an interest in employee engagement and culture change, I chose to learn about Gagen MacDonald. Below are two projects I completed during the quarter, an elevator and a new business pitch.

Elevator Pitch

On Wednesday, September 18, 2013, Walgreens announced a change in the employee health insurance plan which affected more than 180,000 workers and families. Due to Gagen MacDonald’s expertise in this area, I believed it was an opportunity for the consulting firm to pitch for new business. As a class assignment, I wrote and recorded a one-minute elevator pitch directed towards Walgreens’ Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Communication.

New Business Pitch

OfficeMax and Office Depot completed a corporate merger on November 5, 2013. At the time of this announcement, the newly formed company was still making leadership and office location decisions. The merger was also set to include layoffs and required a new organizational structure. As Gagen MacDonald had previous experience assisting clients through mergers, I decided Office Depot was an ideal company for a new business pitch, which was my final project. My presentation titled, “Collaboration for Change” provided a situation analysis of Office Depot and outlined how the new company could benefit from Gagen MacDonald’s consulting services and expertise.

Family Arts Series Media Day

In order to promote the 2009 Family Arts Series and gain interest in the events, I organized a Media Day for local Indianapolis area outlets. All of the artists who were scheduled to perform during the summer attended, providing the opportunity for interviews and brief demonstrations. Below is an example of coverage received from NUVO, an Indianapolis publication with a focus on arts and entertainment.